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Last updated:  August 17, 2015

PLEASE REVIEW THIS WEBSITE PRIVACY STATEMENT CAREFULLY BEFORE PROVIDING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. USING THIS WEBSITE SIGNIFIES YOUR AGREEMENT TO THE TERMS OF THIS WEBSITE PRIVACY STATEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BELOW, PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE TO OBTAIN INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR COVERAGE OR TO CONDUCT CUSTOMER SERVICE TRANSACTIONS. This Website privacy statement describes how information may be collected and used on,,,, (called the "Website"). The content of this Website is owned and controlled by Bankers Life and Casualty Company. We may change our policies pertaining to information privacy and security at any time. However, if we make changes, we will update our Website Privacy Statement and display the date the change was effective. This Website Privacy Statement is published to describe how we collect, use, and safeguard the Personally Identifiable Information (or “PII”) you provide on this Website and to assist you in making informed decisions when using it. This Website is intended only for use within the USA and its territories. If you use this Website from a location other than within the jurisdiction of the USA or its territories, your PII will be transferred to the USA. By using this Website and providing your PII you are consenting to the processing of your information according to the laws of the USA, its many states and territories.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

We understand our customers are concerned about their privacy and we recognize our obligation to keep your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) secure and confidential. PII is information that identifies you as a distinct individual, such as your name, policy number, Website log-in credentials, Social Security number, address, telephone number, email address as well as other financial or health information. To register and use this Website, we only collect the PII you voluntarily provide to us. We will use the PII you provide to us to personalize your visits and provide you with the information you request. You may browse this Website without providing your PII but some functions of the Website will not be enabled. We will not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your PII in ways different from what is disclosed in this Website Privacy Statement.

Technology and Internet Cookies

Use of Technology

While we do not collect PII at this Website unless you provide it to us, we may collect information that does not identify you as a distinct individual (or “Anonymous Information”). Anonymous information is information compiled in an aggregated form that is not used to identify, contact or locate you specifically. We may utilize an activity logging feature to capture information about our site usage, pages viewed, applications used, files downloaded, browser type, the user’s Internet service provider (ISP), and the user’s type of computer operating system. We use Anonymous Information only for the purpose of maintaining and improving this Website or other sites we maintain. We may also collect information about you and your use of our Websites through the use of session cookies. We do not use cookies to identify you as a distinct individual. Cookies are small text files that are stored within your computer’s temporary memory. These temporary files are used to facilitate your navigation throughout this Website. Cookies may be used to grant you access to both secured and unsecured areas and are only used for session tracking. Cookies may be required to gain access to the secured areas of our Website. Access to these secured areas may not be available if the cookie is rejected. Our Website’s cookies are not tied to PII. We use this information to track trends and behavior, not to identify you as an individual. The anonymous information we gather includes date and time of visits, pages viewed, time spent at the site, and the site visited just before and after visiting our Websites. In addition, a cookie may also be used to make your visit to our Websites more convenient. For example, by setting a cookie on our site, the user would not have to log in a password more than once, thereby saving time while on the Website. If a user rejects the cookie, the site may be used but may not function completely.  We may also use technologies, such as our own cookies, to provide you with personalized online display advertising tailored to your interests.  To opt out of our cookies used for this online display advertising, click here.

We may use the services of third parties to collect and use anonymous information about your visits to and interactions with our website through the use of technologies such as cookies to personalize advertisements for goods and services. To learn more, or to opt out of receiving personalized online display advertisements tailored to your interests by our third-party partners, visit the Network Advertising Initiative at

Privacy of Children

This Website is not directed toward or intended to be used by children under 13 years old. This Website does not knowingly register or otherwise collect PII from or about child under the age of 13 without the prior verifiable consent of the child’s parent or guardian.

Sharing Information

We may use third parties to perform services on our behalf. Third parties that have access to PII are required to adhere to generally accepted privacy and security standards. Furthermore, such third parties have access to your personal data only to the extent necessary to perform their functions and may not use or disclose it for any other purpose. 

In addition, we may try to provide a seamless experience to our Website users. From time to time we may use framing, masking and co-branding techniques, which would redirect you to one of our partner’s websites by clicking a link on our site. If a partner’s site is informational only, we may direct you to the site without notifying you first. However, we will not redirect you to a website that requests your PII without notifying you first. Disclosure of PII that we collect about you at this Website is subject to our information privacy practices. Please review our Privacy Notice, which is also available on this Website.

Internal Security Procedures

We take the protection of your PII very seriously. We use technology tools and design our business practices to help ensure that your PII is fairly and lawfully collected, stored, used, and shared. We secure your PII by using reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, or accidental loss or destruction. We also work to maintain the security of, and internal and external access to, your PII through the use of technology and our business practices. For your protection, we use secure servers when transmitting PII over the internet. The security protocols utilized are called Secure Socket Layer (SSL), IPSEC (Secure IP) and TripleDES. SSL protects all data transmissions between your computer and our information systems. SSL utilizes authentication and encryption technology developed by RSA Data Security, Inc. This method of cryptography means that unauthorized individuals cannot readily decipher your personal data. Our secure server uses 128-bit encryption and is verified by Globalsign, Inc., a leading provider of secure online certificates. We utilize intrusion detection tools to secure your PII while it is stored inside our firewall. While we use generally accepted means of securing your PII, no information system can be guaranteed to be impenetrable. CONTACT INFORMATION If you have questions or suggestions regarding this Website privacy statement, please contact us at: Bankers Life and Casualty Company 600 West Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60610 Attention: Privacy Office.





It describes our insurance information privacy practices and your privacy rights and choices

It Describes How Medical Information About You May Be Used and Disclosed and How You Can Get Access To This Information


Our Privacy Commitment

This notice describes what we do with your Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) and the choices you have about how it is used and shared.

PII is information that clearly identifies you.  Your name, address, policy number, birth date, Social Security number, health and financial information, and other nonpublic information is PII.

We will not ask for your PII unless it is reasonably necessary to issue or service your insurance with us.

This notice explains the privacy practices of insurers owned by CNO Financial Group, Inc. (“Affiliates”).  This notice covers health insurance, life insurance and annuities issued by Affiliates, as well as third-party insurance products that are administered by CNO Services, LLC.

CNO insurance Affiliates include: Bankers Life and Casualty Company, Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company [a New York licensed and domiciled insurance company], Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company, Conseco Life Insurance Company of Texas and Washington National Insurance Company.  As of July 1, 2014, CNO Services, LLC serves as administrator for Conseco Life Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Wilton Reassurance Company.

We may change our privacy practices at any time.  For purposes of federal health privacy law, CNO is an Affiliated Covered Entity.  This means our health plans comply with federal health privacy laws as a single entity.

Protecting Your Information

Your trust is important to us.  We take your privacy seriously.  We limit access to our buildings and our information systems to authorized persons.  We have policies, procedures, and training designed to keep PII safe and secure. We use privacy and security safeguards that obey state and federal regulations.  If the laws differ, then we will follow the stricter law.

Types of PII We Collect and Why We Collect It

Mostly, we collect your PII directly from you.  You provide PII when you apply for insurance, make a claim or ask us to perform a policy transaction.  We ask for your name, contact information, birth date, and may need your Social Security number.  Depending on the coverage you apply for, we may ask about your past or present health status, financial assets or other identifying information.

We collect PII from third parties if it is required to determine your eligibility for coverage or to process a claim. We may get reports from MIB, Inc., a nonprofit insurance support organization that exchanges information with its members.  We obtain your permission before we obtain from or provide information about you to MIB.  We may ask about your insurance coverage with other companies, including CNO Affiliates, such as coverage levels or payment history.  We ask your permission to obtain this information, unless the law allows otherwise. We are not permitted to use genetic health information to make underwriting decisions except in connection with long term care policies. 

Mostly, we use your PII to issue and service your coverage with us, such as to pay claims or to conduct quality assessments and customer service improvement activities, or in connection with risk management and business planning functions.  If permitted by law, we may also use your PII to offer you other insurance-related products and services. If you have health coverage, we will not use PII associated with your health plan for marketing purposes unless the law allows it, such as when you discuss your insurance needs directly with your insurance agent.

Sharing PII Fairly and Legally

We may disclose your PII to nonaffiliated companies that perform services for us to administer your policy, or with whom we have joint marketing agreements.  We have written agreements with these companies requiring them to maintain strict privacy and security standards.  You cannot opt out of this type of sharing. 

We may disclose your PII to Affiliates, and other entities with which we are under common control or nonaffiliated companies as allowed by law, to protect the security of our records and information systems, to meet legal or regulatory requests, or to follow state, federal or local laws (such as for public health purposes, to report abuse or neglect, or to comply with a court order).  You cannot opt out of this type of sharing. 

In addition, we may make limited disclosures of your PII to individuals involved in your care if you are incapacitated, or in an emergency situation if we believe the disclosure would be in your best interest.

Your Opt-Out Rights

If the law allows us to share your PII for marketing purposes, you have the right to opt out by calling the toll-free number listed below.  You can restrict sharing of your PII with CNO Affiliates, nonaffiliated companies or both.  If you opt out of Affiliate sharing, this choice is effective for five years.  If you opt out of nonaffiliated company sharing, this choice is effective until you revoke it.

California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and Vermont Residents

We will not share your PII with nonaffiliated companies for marketing purposes.  You do not need to take any action to opt out of this kind of sharing.  However, we still may share your PII with nonaffiliated companies for purposes that are allowed by law.

Vermont Residents

For marketing purposes, we will only disclose your name, contact information and information about your transactions with us to nonaffiliated third parties with whom we have joint marketing agreements.

To Opt Out – Call us at 866-385-7252

Please have your policy number ready and our automated opt out line will lead you through your choices.  

Or Write to us at P.O. Box 2031, Carmel, IN 46082-2031

You may also opt out by writing to us.  We need your full name, mailing address, and policy number(s).

You Can Access Your PII

You may ask to see or receive a copy of the PII we maintain about you.  Please ask us in writing.  We will need your full name, mailing address, and policy number(s).  We will respond within the time frame required by law, generally about 30 days after receipt.  Your request should be signed by you or your legal representative. We may charge a reasonable, cost-based fee.

You Can Correct Your PII

You may ask us to correct the PII we maintain about you.  Please ask us in writing. We will need your full name, mailing address, and policy number(s).  Even if we have contradictory information, we will keep your request with your file for as long as you are our customer.  If we agree to your request, we will make reasonable efforts to communicate the correction or amendment to other parties who may need this information.  We do not have to agree to your request if we did not create the PII, if we do not store the information, or if your PII is already accurate and complete.  Your request should be signed by you or your legal representative.  If we deny your request, we will explain why in writing and let you know how to submit a complaint to us or regulatory agencies.

You Can Request a List of Disclosures of Your PII

You may ask us for a list of disclosures of your PII made within the last six years for health plans and two years for other types of insurance.  Please ask us in writing.  We will need your full name, mailing address, policy number(s), and the time period of your request.  We do not have to include disclosures that were requested by you (or your legal representative), or disclosures we made about payment or health care operations.  Your request should be signed by you or your legal representative.  We will provide this information free of charge once a year; otherwise, we may charge a reasonable, cost-based fee.

Your Right to File a Complaint

If you have a privacy related complaint, please let us know in writing so we can address your concern.  Write to us at P.O. Box 2031, Carmel, IN 46082-2031.  You may also file a complaint with 1) your state department of insurance or 2) the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C. within 180 days of the conduct.  We will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint.

You Can Request Alternative Communications

You may ask us to communicate with you in a different way, such as directing your mail to a post office box.  Please ask us in writing. We will consider all reasonable requests, but must say “yes” if you tell us that disclosure of all or part of your PII could place you in danger.  Your request for highly confidential handling should be signed by you or your legal representative.

Your Right to Request a Restriction on Communications

You may ask that we not share your PII (including health information) regarding payment or for our business operations with certain persons.  Please ask us in writing.  We will consider your request, but are not required to agree if we believe it would affect your medical care or performance of our business operations.  If we deny a new or ongoing request, we will explain why to you in writing.   Your request should be signed by you or your legal representative.  You can revoke your request at any time by phone or in writing.

Additional Privacy Standards for Health Insurance Plans

If you have health insurance coverage, there are some additional privacy standards that apply to you.  Remember, PII includes specific health and financial information, as well as personal identifiers and demographic information about you.

  • You have the right to be notified following a breach of your unsecured PII. 
  • Except in limited circumstances, we are required to obtain your permission to use or disclose PII for marketing purposes.
  • We will not disclose psychotherapy notes, or sell or use PII for fundraising purposes without obtaining prior written permission.
  • Except for the disclosures of PII made at your request, or for payment activities or health care operations, we will obtain your permission before using or disclosing your PII.

Information Practices for Determining Eligibility for Insurance

Fair Credit Reporting Act Notice

As part of our life insurance underwriting procedures, we may get an investigative consumer report.  The report will contain information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living.  The information is obtained through interviews with your friends, neighbors and associates.  You have a right to ask for details on the nature and scope of this report.  You have the right to contact the consumer reporting agency to review a copy of the report.  If you write to us we will let you know if we have in fact obtained a report; and, if so, the name and the address of the agency making the report.

MIB Notice

Information regarding your insurability is confidential.  We (or our reinsurers) may make a brief report to MIB, Inc. MIB is a non-profit membership organization of insurance companies, which operates an information exchange on behalf of its members.  If you apply to another MIB member company for life or health insurance, or submit a claim for benefits, MIB, upon request, will supply that company with information it may have in its file.  We (or our reinsurers) may release information in our files to other insurance companies to whom you might apply for life or health insurance, or submit a claim for benefits.

If you request it, MIB will arrange disclosure of any information it may have in your file.  If you question the accuracy of any information in the Bureau’s files, you may contact MIB and seek correction in accordance with the procedures of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  The address of MIB’s information office is 50 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 400, Braintree, Massachusetts 02184-8734.  MIB’s telephone number is (866) 692-6901.  Information for consumers about MIB is available on its website at

Contact Us

For more information about this notice, call us at 866-385-7252 or write to us at P.O. Box 2031, Carmel, IN 46082-2031.

This notice is effective as of November 1, 2015.

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